Installation Information for Bambo Flooring

Installation of pre finished flooring requires more care than unfinished flooring to prevent damaging the floor’s finish during install. Frequent use of a vacuum cleaner during installation is recommended to eliminate sawdust and wood chips. Floors need to be flat and be up to Australian standards which specify a maximum 3mm fall over 3m. Extra costs may be charged by your installer if levelling of floors is required. For direct stick installations on concrete slabs, it is recommended that a moisture test be carried out or a moisture barrier or sealer installed prior to installation of floor. Warranties are void if there is moisture in the slab & no moisture protection has been provided.

Proper installation will improve the look and longevity of your floors.

We can provide a professional installer in your area. Please call our office for assistance on 011 025 5941.

  • Remove any paint, wax, oil, plaster, dirt or any other foreign matters from the base floor before installation.
  • If there are skirting boards we suggest you remove them and replace them after you have laid your Bamboo flooring.
  • Any previous adhesives must be removed before installation.
  • Vacuum all areas before unpacking boxes.
  • Check that the flooring is level with a spirit level.
  • A sharp, fine tooth (finishing) circular/miter saw blade is recommended for cutting.
  • Taping the area to be cut also makes for a cleaner cut.
  • To avoid a pattern of end joints, cut the initial boards in each row at varying lengths so that all the board ends are staggered throughout the installation.
  • Before installing, lay out the flooring in a rough fashion according to how you would like it to appear. Arrange the bamboo’s natural color variances in a manner that is pleasing to your eye.
  • All glue for installation must be 100 percent urethane.
  • A Normal room temperature should be attained with humidity of 35-48 percent before installation is begun.
  • It is recommended that you clamp or fix your bamboo floors @ regular intervals during installation. As the adhesives are drying they will expand and if the boards are not secured correctly, gapping in your boards may occur. We recommend that plank ratchets are used or some other comparable clamping device.
  • Expansion joints are required for any span over 8 meters. Corking is often used as an effective expansion joint and can be color matched to the bamboo flooring.
  • A 10mm gap for expansion must be provided around all walls.(As humidity of rooms can vary betweens season , the floor must be able to expand on each finished sides).
  • When laying the flooring start on one side of the room with the tongue of the board facing out, check with a line that the row is straight.
  • Bamboo flooring is installed like any other hardwood flooring.
  • This flooring can be installed over concrete, plywood, radiant heat, existing tiles and hardwood.