Bamboo Floor Care and Maintenance

Bamboo Products Care and Maintenance

  • Bamboo flooring does not need a lot of upkeep
  • We suggest that you maintain your floor by dusting, mopping or sweeping each day to keep the grit away.
  • For cleaning, use a slightly damp mop from a bucket of hot water with half a cup of methylated spirits. Make sure the mop is only lightly damp and do not soak or put excessive water on the floor.
  • Avoid large amounts of water. Should a spill occur, remove it quickly with a dry cloth or very slightly damp mop.
  • Use non-wax wood flooring cleaner to keep you floor in good condition. Use of conventional, domestic cleaners may permanently damage your floor’s finish.
  • Make use of doormats at entrances to prevent dust and sand from being carried in. Clean your doormats regularly.
  • Protect the floor from damage by placing felt protectors or similar under the legs of furniture. Stiletto heels and sharp object can damage the floor and should be removed.
  • Heels and scuff marks can be removed if needed, by lightly rubbing with a cloth or non wax wood floor cleaner.

Extra Caution

  • Do not pull furniture around on the Bamboo flooring; lifting it is a better way for maintaining the flooring from scratch marks and indentations.
  • If you are doing renovations on a home, the Bamboo flooring should be the last item laid.
  • Follow instructions on floor cleaning products and make sure they are suitable for Bamboo flooring.
  • Never wax your floor.

Long-term Maintenance

Over time, the clear coat Urethane finish will eventually show wear patterns from surface scratching in high traffic areas. When these areas start to look dull, it may be time to recoat or restore the finish. Because of the extra thickness of the 15ml strand woven flooring, it can be sanded and refinished many times, allowing it to last for decades.